Big companies such as Go Daddy or Hostgator offer an enormous amount of gigabytes on their plans, but, do you really need dozens or hundreds of gigabytes?

If you're not storing music or video files, the answer is no.

The average size of a website, according to the site httparchive, was 4 MB in 2019, for the sake of the argument let's say 10 MB. This means that in 1 Gigabyte you could store approximately 100 websites! (If your web host allowed it of course)

The only reason your company is offering crazy amounts of disk space, is because is cheaper for them to give more of this, than a great customer service. So the rule of thumb is, the bigger the offer of disk space is, the more awful their customer service will be.

If you're having problems with your current hosting company, give us a call, we can help you migrate your website and email accounts with no hassle for you!

Monday, December 16, 2019

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